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Our Team at Dr.Gs Urgent Care in South Florida | Find a Location
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3 Locations: Coral Springs, Lake Worth, Delray Beach

Meet Our Team at Dr.Gs Urgent Care in South Florida

Dr.Gs Urgent Care is a Family Owned & Operated Business. The Graber Family Has Served in Healthcare for Over 50 Years, Collectively. For More Information Call a Location Near You!

Dr. Mylissa Graber, MD, MBA, FACEP

Mylissa Graber, MD, MBA, FACEP

Dr. Mylissa Graber, owner and CEO of Dr.Gs Urgent Care, is a board-certified emergency physician with over 15 years of experience in emergency medicine. Dr. Graber graduated from Brandeis University in Boston with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She pursued her medical studies at the University of South Florida in Tampa and completed her residency in emergency medicine at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. She also has an MBA from George Washington University.

Dr. Graber has served in various leadership roles including president of the Florida College of Emergency Physicians, president of the Emergency Medicine Residents Association, and on various state and national committees in emergency medicine. She has also been recognized by her peers with several awards.

Dr. Graber also served as medical director of the emergency department at Good Samaritan Medical Center in West Palm Beach from 2007-2011, medical director of Wuesthoff Medical Center Emergency System (2009-2011) in Melbourne, regional president for ApolloMD Emergency Services (2007-2012) overseeing several Tenet emergency departments in South Florida, and most recently served as Executive Vice President of EmCare (2012-2015), the largest emergency physician group in the United States, overseeing several HCA emergency physician and hospitalist programs in South Florida.

Dr. Graber is now dedicating herself full time to the growth of Dr.Gs Urgent Care, which offers our patients the highest quality care for their minor emergencies. With Dr. Graber’s extensive background in emergency medicine, patients get ER quality care in a beautiful, private setting, quickly and affordably, with the goal to keep our patients out of the emergency room unless it is absolutely necessary.

Benjamin Graber, MD, FACOG

Benjamin Graber, MD, FACOG

Dr. Benjamin Graber is a board-certified gynecologist and fellow of the American College of Gynecology. He has over 30 years of experience and is an expert in his field. Dr. Graber graduated from Queens College in New York with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He pursued his medical degree at Texas Tech University and completed a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Monmouth Medical Center in New Jersey.

Dr. Graber has been in private practice in South Florida since 1978 and is highly respected among his peers. Dr. Graber has also had an extensive career in politics. He served in the Florida State House of Representatives for 8 years, served on the Broward County Commission for 8 years, and finished his political career as mayor of Broward County. Dr. Graber served as Chairman of Healthcare during his time in office and wrote many of the groundbreaking healthcare laws in Florida that served as a model for national healthcare reform over the past 20 years.

Dr. Graber provides specialized gynecologic services as an added benefit to our patients including general gynecological care, infertility testing, menopausal medicine, hormone replacement, and minor in-office surgical procedures.

About Dr.Gs Urgent Care in Florida

Dr. G’s Urgent Care Dedication

Dr.Gs Urgent Care Center is dedicated in loving memory to Jeffrey Sinai, JD, RN, husband of Dr. Mylissa Graber. It was their dream together to develop this urgent care center, and Jeffrey was an integral part of the planning and development of this enterprise. It was his goal to bring a healthcare business of this high caliber to the community and although he was not able to see the project to completion, his inspiration will always be remembered, as he was the catalyst that made Dr.Gs Urgent Care a reality.

It is proudly in his memory that we continue to serve those who seek our help.
Jeffrey’s motto: “Let our family take care of your family.”


3 Locations to Serve You.

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