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Kids Urgent Care Near Me Coral Springs FL | (561) 330-9363
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3 Locations: Coral Springs, Lake Worth, Delray Beach

Kids Urgent Care Coral Springs

At our Coral Springs kids urgent care center, your child will receive patient and diligent pediatric care. We are open from 9 am to 9 pm and are located at 2224 N. University Drive Coral Springs, FL 33071.

Kids Urgent Care Near Me Delray Beach, Coral Springs & Lake Worth, FL

Children can be difficult to care for, especially when they’re getting themselves into trouble. It can seem like accidents happen all the time. If a serious accident were to occur, then you know what to do: dial 911 and get your child to a hospital. If a minor accident occurs or if your child gets a minor illness, then you have options. If your child’s ailment is non-life-threatening, then you can take him or her to the doctor or the emergency room (ER). The problem, though, is that you’ll likely experience wait times, and a trip to the doctor or the ER can be expensive too. This is why urgent care might be the better option!

What is pediatric urgent care?

This type of care is all about treating children of just about any age, from toddlers to teenagers, and treating them immediately. You can bring your child right into our Coral Springs kids urgent care center without making an appointment. When you come in with your child, the two of you will be addressed immediately.

Pediatric urgent care centers are able to provide diagnosis and treatment for non-life-threatening conditions such as earache, dehydration, asthma, croup, rash, minor fractures, minor cuts, and more. After diagnosis and treatment, we can provide your family doctor with the results, safely and securely.

Should I take my child to urgent care?

Dr. Mylissa Graber, MD, is the owner of Dr.Gs Urgent Care. She and her medical team have been taking care of children for many years now. Our professionals know how to be patient with children and treat them carefully. Our clinic offers many on-site services including vaccinations, digital x-rays, lab testing, and even an on-site pharmacy for prescriptions. We can even offer sports or school physicals! Please note that we treat children ages 4 months and up only.

Urgent care is a great idea when a trip to the ER just isn’t necessary or when you would have to wait a week or so to see the family doctor. There are plenty of good reasons to take your child to Dr.Gs Urgent Care center! We offer extended hours and are open 7 days a week just in case your child needs us during after-business hours.

Can a minor go to urgent care alone?

Children over 16 years of age may go to urgent care without a parent or guardian accompanying him or her. Children under 16 years of age absolutely must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when being sent for a visit. If a parent or guardian cannot accompany the child, then another authorized and responsible adult must accompany him or her. In this instance, the parent or guardian must provide consent. Some exceptions may apply. Please contact our clinic at (561) 330-9363 for further information.

When should a child go to an urgent care for a fever?

This is an excellent question. It can depend on the child’s age or the severity of the fever.

If your child is older than 3 months of age and has a temperature below 102°F (38.9°C), then you can take your child to an urgent care clinic. However, if your child is 3 months of age or younger and has a rectal temperature of 100.4°F (38°C) or higher, then call 911 and get your child to the emergency room immediately. Even a mild fever in an infant can be a sign of serious infection, so dial 911 if you believe this is the case with your infant.

Older children might need emergency care instead of urgent care if he or she:

  • has a temperature above 102°F (38.9°C)
  • is no longer interested in playing at all
  • is not eating or drinking well
  • is unable to stay alert and smile at you
  • has abnormal skin color
  • does not look well even after his or her temperature comes down

It’s important to use your discretion in many cases. If you’re unsure about your child’s condition and whether the fever could be severe, then call 911 and go to the emergency room.

Where is your Coral Springs kids urgent care center located?

Our Coral Springs clinic is located at 2224 N. University Drive Coral Springs, FL 33071. Remember, you can simply walk right in for an appointment on the spot! We are open for you and your child between 9 am and 9 pm, 7 days a week. We look forward to your visit and helping your child get better!


3 Locations to Serve You.

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