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Ensuring your child’s safety is the number one concern for every parent, regardless of how old they are. Making sure they are protected from transmissible diseases is crucial so that your child continues to thrive and leads a happy, healthy life. That’s why the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends a number of preventive healthcare measures to help you and your family, as well as giving pertinent information regarding a number of common injuries associated with childhood. 

Unfortunately, accidents can, and will, still happen to our children no-matter how cautious we are. Furthermore, we cannot be in our child’s classroom or playground to supervise their work and play 24/7. Children don’t only fall ill during business hours, and shouldn’t have to wait overnight or an entire weekend to see a doctor. That’s why Mylissa Graber MD, MBA, FACEP provides comprehensive pediatric urgent care for patients in Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Coral Springs, Lake Worth and, Deerfield Beach. 

At Dr. G’s Urgent Care, we specialize in providing expert medical care for your family, with specialized knowledge and understanding of the medical needs of young people. With locations throughout South Florida, you can place your trust in our family-owned pediatric urgent care to provide expert treatment for your household, with a caring touch. Call (561) 330-9363 or email [email protected] to reach our friendly staff and discuss your family’s individual medical needs with us.

South Florida Urgent Care Services

We provide timely, expert medical services for you and for your family

Care for Illnesses

No parent enjoys the sight of their child with a sore throat, high fever or cough. Similarly, concerns such as common allergies, rashes, and stomach bugs need prompt medical treatment. Perhaps one of the most concerning things for any parent is not knowing exactly what is wrong with your child. This is why urgent care facilities like Dr. G’s are essential to identify the cause and provide answers, relief and medication prescriptions to ease your child’s discomfort during illness.

Care for Injuries

As caregivers, you play a critical role in teaching your children about the importance of home safety, and the risks of indoor and outdoor hazards. But even with the best teachers, children can find themselves in difficult situations. Injuries are a common occurrence among children, with an annual incidence of approximately 25%.(1) We know that figures like these are concerning to parents. Similarly, we all know how many germs are passed around in schools and daycare centers, and how important it is for our children to lead healthy, physically active lifestyles. 

Timely Vaccinations

It’s a startling fact that 40% of school-aged children miss three or more school days a year due to illness or injury.(2) Getting vaccinated is the key to building your child’s immunity to diseases that can be passed from person-to-person, both at home and at school. On-time vaccination throughout childhood is essential because it helps provide immunity before children are exposed to potentially life-threatening diseases.(3) Dr. Graber provides a variety of vaccinations, including seasonal flu shots. Book yours today by contacting our South Florida offices today!

Staying Safe in South Florida

It’s crucial for your family to have access to a local healthcare facility that can provide fast, effective treatment. While some more serious injuries may require a trip to the emergency room, a well-equipped urgent care can be the first port of call for concerned parents dealing with non-life threatening conditions. Knowing where to go is the first key step to providing care for injuries as a result of minor trauma accidents such as those below.

  • Cuts & Grazes
  • Minor Burns
  • Foreign Bodies
  • Road Rash
  • Fractures
  • Sprains & Dislocations

Although Dr. G’s urgent care is well-equipped to handle most injuries and illnesses, it’s important to know when to visit the emergency room instead. If you or a member of your family has a life-threatening emergency, do not wait! Dial 911 immediately for first responder assistance. Our patient resources page has important details to help you find the right kind of care for your needs.

If your child has a non-life-threatening injury, Dr. G’s can help! For details about illness and injury care, please visit our helpful website or call (561) 330-9363 to get straight through to our reception staff.

Care When Your Child Needs it Most

It’s crucial to know what to do in the important seconds and minutes immediately after your child becomes injured. Most parents are well-versed in administering first aid to their children in the form of topical antiseptics and antibiotics, bandages and band aids. However, you should always seek medical attention in a number of different situations.

  • If there is a foreign object (soil, wood splinters, metal, etc.) embedded in the wound.
  • If your child has been bitten by an animal (pet or wild)
  • If your child’s would was punctured with a dirty object
  • If the area becomes infected (pain and soreness, swelling, redness, draining, or presence of a fever)(4)

For all South Florida pediatric urgent care inquiries, call (561) 330-9363 to speak to our trained staff who will address your medical needs in a friendly, timely manner. See what our patients and their families think of Dr. G’s Pediatric Urgent Care here!

Preventive Care for the Whole Family

As well as offering first class pediatric urgent care, we also provide medical treatment and services for your whole family.

Pharmacy Services

We understand that your time is important, which is why we offer our patients comprehensive pharmacy services. You can fill your prescriptions immediately after your doctor’s appointment at Dr. G’s. We are also proud to offer prescription delivery services directly to your door!

Specialized Physicals

We conduct a number of specialized physicals at Dr. G’s which are briefly outlined below.

  • School physicals
  • Immigration physicals
  • Sports physicals
  • Camp physicals

Occupational Medicine

As well as providing care for your children, we want to make sure you’re in your best health for your workplace. At Dr. G’s, we provide a number of occupational medicine procedures.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of work-related injuries
  • Drug screenings
  • Digital X-rays
  • DOT physicals
  • Pre-employment physicals
  • On-site flu shots

Fort Lauderdale Urgent Care With a Difference

Our caring, experienced medical staff are on hand to provide quality medical care for your family when you need it the most. You can trust us to help you with your family’s health and wellness! We have locations across South Florida including not only Fort Lauderdale but also Coral Springs, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach and Lake Worth. Feel free to get to know our friendly staff on our website!

Hours of Operation

Dr. G’s Urgent Care locations are all open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, though specific hours of operation will vary according to the location. We offer extended hours during the week and are open on weekends and holidays (although we may close early for some holidays). Our Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach Fort Lauderdale, and Lake Worth locations operate from  9AM-9PM, and our Coral Springs location is open from 10AM-10PM. Please call ahead if you are on your way so our trained staff can better assist you when you arrive.

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Online Payment Options

We want to make access to urgent care as simple as possible for all of our patients. Dr G’s offers an online payment portal for your convenience, so you can get on with doing what you do best; caring for your family!


Where can my children get their flu shots?

Contact your local healthcare provider at your earliest convenience to book a flu shot for your child. Influenza can be spread at any time throughout the year, although cases spike between December and February.(5) Some providers offer vaccinations without appointment, but for your convenience it is always advisable to call ahead to ensure your child is seen quickly.

What should I do if my child is choking?

If your child cannot breathe, cough, or make sounds, call 911 immediately. For babies, place them face down on your forearm while your arm rests on your thigh. With the heel of your other hand, give the child five quick, forceful blows between the shoulder blades.(6)

My child has a cut that won’t stop bleeding, what should I do?

Seek immediate medical care if your child’s cut does not stop after 5 minutes of pressure, or if the wound starts to bleed again. Similarly, if you cannot remove something that has caused the cut from the skin, you should call your doctor or nearest urgent care location.

How do I keep my home safe for my toddler?

One of the most important things to do to keep your toddlers safe is to see things from their point of view. Covering electrical outlets, installing safety gates and cushioning the edges of TV consoles and furniture are just some of the ways that you can make your home as safe as possible for your children. Have a checklist on hand from an official medical organization such as the CDC for an extensive list of home safety information.


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