Pharmacy Fort Lauderdale

Consultations offered at our five convenient locations in Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs, FL

Fort Lauderdale’s First-Rate Pharmacy 

Pharmacy services fort lauderdale

Dr. G’s Pharmacy is proud to partner with Dr. G’s Urgent Care to bring you first-rate pharmacy services where and when you need them most. With Dr. G’s Pharmacy, you can fill your crucial prescriptions on-site, right after your doctor’s visit, day or night. Dr. G’s Pharmacy contracts with Dr. G’s Urgent Care to provide the people of Fort Lauderdale with an alternative to expensive and unnecessary emergency room care. We offer expanded and extended hours to meet the needs of our community in Southeast Florida.   

Contact us at Dr. G’s Urgent Care, in Fort Lauderdale. Call (561) 330-9363 and a courteous medical professional will appropriately direct your inquiry to one of our pharmacists or pharmacy technicians. No appointments are necessary. You can walk right in!

Get Your Prescriptions Delivered in Southeast Florida

Dr. G’s Pharmacy provides delivery for all of your most vital prescriptions. To set up this essential service, call (561) 330-9363 and request to speak with someone in our pharmacy. After you’ve completed our intake process your medications will be delivered directly to your door!  

What Services Does the Pharmacy Provide?

  • Conducting health and wellness testing
  • Managing chronic diseases 
  • Performing medication management 
  • Administering immunizations 
  • Partnering with health systems to advance health and wellness 
  • Helping to reduce hospital readmissions

At Dr. G’s Urgent Care, Convenience is Key

Dr. G’s healthcare services are available when the matter is urgent, but not life-threatening. Such situations often require a rapid response by all stakeholders in the patient’s wellbeing.[1] This includes Dr. G’s Pharmacy, where you can pick up your necessary medications mere minutes from leaving the doctor’s office. This is a service only for active clients of the Urgent Care Center and it is optional for our patients.

The Following Are Among Our Available Medications

  • Antibiotics
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Allergy medications
  • Decongestants
  • Limited pain medications
  • Antiemetics
  • Hypertensive medications
  • Diabetic medications
  • Insulin
  • Steroids
  • Anti-diarrheals

Urgent Care When You Need It

Dr. G’s Pharmacy and Dr. G’s Urgent Care form a potent partnership for preserving our public health in Fort Lauderdale. Together, we fill a crucial niche in healthcare that covers a breadth of medical scenarios that are simply too urgent to wait for the next available appointment at a family doctor or general practitioner.[2] Dr. G’s only accepts patients who have non-life-threatening injuries or illnesses. 

Urgent care takes the burden off of the emergency rooms of our local hospitals so that they can focus their time and attention where it matters most. Dr. G’s Pharmacy supports Dr. G’s Urgent Care in its mission to make Fort Lauderdale a happier, healthier community.[3] 

Dr. G’s Pharmacy Hours of Operation

  • 7 days a week 
  • 12 hours a day
  • Mon – Sun: 9AM – 9PM

Pharmacy Services to Support Pediatric Care

For working families, urgent care can close the loop and serve the pressing needs of ill or injured children, even when those needs don’t happen to coincide with regular business hours. Parents without a flexible work schedule can avail themselves of Dr. G’s pediatric services after hours when most other clinics are closed for the night. Dr. G’s Pharmacies support pediatric health by enabling busy parents to fill their child’s prescriptions directly after their doctor’s visit so that the whole family can rest easy thanks to our comprehensive care.   

Injuries & Illness in Fort Lauderdale

Pharmacy services fort lauderdale

Injuries and illness can be more immediate than the time it takes to book an appointment at a traditional doctor’s office. As long as the matter isn’t a bonafide emergency, Dr. G’s partnership of healthcare providers are available to meet your urgent needs. Also, many of our patients may be between medical plans. Dr. G’s Pharmacy offers affordable prescriptions drugs so that one’s current life circumstances don’t negatively affect the quality of their healthcare.


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