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Pediatric Urgent Care Near Me Coral Springs, FL | (561) 330-9363
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3 Locations: Coral Springs, Lake Worth, Delray Beach

Pediatric Urgent Care in Coral Springs, FL

Dr.Gs Urgent Care Is Located at 2224 N. University Drive Coral Springs, FL 33071. We Are Dedicated to the Comprehensive Care of Children from 4 Months Old and Up. We Are Open 7 Days a Week. Call Us Today for More Information at (561) 330-9363 or Simply Walk in!

Pediatric Urgent Care Near Me Coral Springs, FL

If a minor medical emergency is experienced by one of your children, do you know where to take them? For life-threatening medical emergency situations, your local hospital’s emergency room is the place to be. But what would be best for you and your child if their medical condition is non-life-threatening? Trying to get to your child’s pediatrician can mean waiting for weeks before your child can be seen. There is a better alternative for quality medical care that is available when your child needs it most. Dr.Gs Urgent Care clinic right here in Coral Springs, Florida is giving children, as well the rest of the family, the ability to be seen by an experienced doctor right away. Your child will be given medical attention for their illness or injury without delay.

Is taking my child to Dr.Gs Urgent Care Clinic better than waiting to see my child’s pediatrician?

Is your little one suffering from a fever, cold, or influenza virus? Have they been in an accident where they experienced minor injuries? Then do not let them suffer with their illness or injury for longer than necessary, when they could instead receive the best medical care available. Often, a child’s illness or injury does not seem to happen during the normal business hours of their primary care pediatrician’s office. Even when your child is sick during normal operating times, they could still be forced to wait days or weeks for an appointment. Dr.Gs Urgent Care Clinic is giving you a better alternative to waiting. Our knowledgeable doctors and physicians have years of advanced training and experience in the medical field, and we are here for you and your little ones 7 days a week. Our urgent care center can provide diagnosis and treatment for your child if they are suffering from a non-life-threatening condition, such as vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, asthma attack, croup, rash, earache, and more. We will also provide them with immediate medical attention for injuries such as minor fractures, dislocations, lacerations, and more. Your child’s results can also be safely and securely sent over to their primary care pediatrician to be included with the rest of their medical history.

Why should I take my child to Dr.Gs Urgent Care Clinic?

Your child always deserves the best medical care available for any medical condition they are experiencing. Dr. Mylissa Graber, MD, owner of Dr.Gs Urgent Care, and her entire medical team are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for your family. We treat children ages 4 months and up. You will find a welcoming and relaxing environment here at our state-of-the-art facilities. Each of our doctors and physicians are up-to-date on the latest in medical diagnosis and treatments. The on-site services we have at our locations allow us to quickly and effectively diagnose your child’s condition and thus determine which treatment options would be best. These services include digital X-rays, vaccinations, laboratory testing, IV fluids, treatment for respiratory conditions, as well as a convenient on-site pharmacy. All of your child’s results will be thoroughly discussed with you. Does your child require a physical exam to engage in sports at school? Our physicians can help with that as well, and are even available on the weekends for your family’s convenience.

What can I expect from my child’s visit to Dr.Gs Urgent Care Clinic?

When your child is experiencing an urgent medical situation, it can often be scary. At Dr.Gs Urgent Care, we strive to create an environment where you and your child will feel comfortable and calm. Our doctors have worked extensively with children of all ages, and can provide your family with the best care while also prioritizing the specific needs of young children. When you visit one of our urgent care centers, you will typically wait no more than approximately 15 minutes for care because we have developed a space that ensures our patients spend the least amount of time possible waiting to see a doctor. During your child’s consultation, the provider you are paired with will record their health information and may ask you questions about the onset of their illness or how they have sustained the injury being treated. If diagnostic testing is required, we can perform x-rays or lab tests using blood, urine, and other methods onsite, so you receive important answers about their condition quickly. Once your child has been appropriately diagnosed, their doctor will provide you with any necessary tools, medications, or prescriptions before sending you home with a dedicated and effective treatment plan. If follow-up visits are necessary, we can send your child’s results to your preferred pediatric doctor if that is your preference.

If you live in the Coral Springs area, know that you can be prepared to care for any minor medical emergency by choosing the best medical team at Dr.Gs Urgent Care Clinic. Call us today for more information at (561) 330-9363, or simply walk in when your child needs to see a doctor. You will find our Coral Springs clinic conveniently located at 2224 N. University Drive Coral Springs, FL 33071.


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