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Testimonials for Dr.Gs Urgent Care Clinic South Florida | Dr. Graber MD
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3 Locations: Coral Springs, Lake Worth, Delray Beach

Testimonials for Dr.Gs Urgent Care Clinic in South Florida

We Feel Fortunate to Have Received Reflections from Our Patients About How Dr.Gs Urgent Care Center Has Helped Them.

Here Are Some of Our Favorites:

I visited Dr.Gs office about a month ago. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional, caring, and thorough practitioner.
During my visit she noticed something that many other Dr’s would have glanced over. She took the time to listen to all of my symptoms and showed genuine concern for my well being. Her staff was great as well. Even after my visit someone from her office followed up with me multiple times.
This is the only urgent care practice I will visit in the future. (FACEBOOK 2015 )

Vijay A.

Dr.Gs was awesome they took us right in no waiting and was very thorough she is very exceptional and her staff. the tech that took care of me was an EMT tech it works as a firefighter. Now I this is the only place I will go when I’m in Delray Boca Raton Florida. What I thought was really helpful was they have their own pharmacy so when they write the prescription you don’t have to go looking for a pharmacy to have it filled. When you leave your all set you can go home and get better. Also the place was super clean and decorated exceptionally well. I am so thankful that I decided to go to Dr. geez I would recommend this to everyone if they’re looking for a fast efficient well organized and superior quality of care. (FACEBOOK 2015)

Jean M.

Going for a doctor’s visit is rarely fun, but the efficient and competent Dr.Gs and staff makes it as close to fun as possible. Patients are treated like people, so even though it is quick, you won’t feel like a number. Having the onsite pharmacy and my 3 prescriptions filled in less than 3 minutes is another huge plus. I also received my flu shot while I was there, and it was the most painless flu shot I have ever had. 5 stars! (

Cathy W.

The staff at Dr.Gs is simply outstanding. I was seen and treated quickly. Every member of the staff treated me with compassion and kindness, explaining everything thoroughly. The day after my visit, they called to check up on me, my family doctor has never done that!! I highly recommend Dr.Gs and thank the staff for taking excellent care of me. (

Theresa D.

2nd day of vacation and already had spent 1 night in the ER. Pain and swelling was getting worse, and so we drove from Palm Beach Gardens to see Dr.Gs. He was FABULOUS. Very kind, very patient, extremely good bedside manner, and brilliant. I left feeling at ease, especially considering I’m used to all my care done at 2 world renown Boston hospitals. Being far away and away from my own medical team was scary considering what could have been a serious condition, however Dr.Gs is someone who I would happily add to my team! Fantastic experience. Also, kudos as well to the receptionist who was so helpful in scheduling, and also very kind and genuine. Thank you again. (YELP)

Joy K.


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