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Top Reasons to Visit Dr.Gs Urgent Care Near Me Coral Springs FL Instead of the ER | (954) 280-1734
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Top Reasons to Visit Dr.Gs Urgent Care in Coral Springs Instead of the ER

Learn the 6 Benefits of Choosing Dr.Gs Urgent Care in Coral Springs Instead of the ER. For More Information Call Us or Come in Today. No Appointment Necessary, No wait!

Top Reasons to Visit Dr.Gs Urgent Care in Coral Springs Instead of the ER

When you need to see a doctor fast, you may think that a trip to your local hospital’s emergency room is your best way to quickly speak with a certified doctor. However, while a visit to the ER is essential for life-threatening conditions and injuries, Dr.Gs Urgent Care is a better option for patients who need to see a doctor quickly for urgent medical needs that are non-life-threatening.

Faster Access to Board-Certified Doctors

In an emergency room, patients are seen not in the order they arrive, but based on their need. This means the most critical patients are seen first, and if you are looking to speak with a doctor about a minor injury or respiratory illness, you could spend hours waiting to speak with a doctor. At Dr.Gs Urgent Care in Coral Springs, we strive to reduce your wait time as much as possible by seeing patients at our walk-in clinic without an appointment in the order that they arrive. This expedites your medical care and ensures you see a doctor faster than you could anywhere else.

High-Quality Diagnostics

Some doctor’s offices require you to travel to a separate location for radiology services or wait days to hear back regarding your testing results. Our urgent care clinic provides on-site diagnostic services that help improve your experience from start to finish. Our exceptional staff can perform x-rays, digital EKGs, as well as a wide range of laboratory testing services that will provide important insight into your body’s health and function, so your doctor can provide you with the best healthcare possible and the most effective treatment plan for your exact needs.

Compassionate Care from Experienced Physicians

Our certified doctors offer unsurpassed compassion and dedication to our patients, young and old. We can offer important pediatric services for children as young as 4 months, so you can protect the health of every member of your family. Emergency room doctors are often stretched thin and overworked, which can reduce their ability to provide personalized attention and care for their patients. At Dr.Gs, your health is our priority and we strive to make every patient feel comfortable and listen to their unique needs, so we can provide the best care.

On-Site Pharmacy Services

Once you receive your diagnosis, your recovery can begin. At Dr.Gs Urgent Care, our dedication to your convenience and quality of care extend beyond providing you with a precise diagnosis. We proudly operate our own pharmacy onsite, so you can easily receive important medications and save time. We know that your life is busy and wasting precious minutes traveling between your doctor and pharmacy can cut into valuable time you could be spending with friends or family, so trust Dr.Gs Pharmacy to provide important medications including steroids, insulin, antibiotics, allergy medicines, and much more, so you can improve your health.

Lower Out-of-Pocket Costs

One of the most prohibitive aspects of emergency room care is the exorbitant cost. Even patients with good insurance will often spend hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket for treatment at an emergency room. The healthcare services at Dr.Gs are designed to be accessible and affordable, so families in the Coral Springs area never have to forgo important medical care. As part of our commitment to reducing costs, we also accept most major health insurance plans and provide upfront pricing information for many of our services.

Comprehensive Medical Services

At Dr.Gs Urgent Care, we provide more than just treatment for urgent illnesses and injuries. We also provide many important preventative services including physical exams and immunizations. This means our walk-in clinic is the best place for you and your family to access the broadest range of exceptional medical care, regardless of which specific needs you have. We are proud to offer comprehensive care for a wide range of specific conditions as well as screening services that can help you understand your body’s overall function and lead a longer, healthier life.

If you are considering a trip to the emergency room for a non-life-threatening condition, Dr.Gs Urgent Care wants you to know that you have better options. We provide exceptional care for patients of all ages with reduced wait times and lower overall cost. Call our Coral Springs location today or simply walk-in to see a board-certified provider.


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