Injuries and Illness

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Dr. G's Urgent Care Injuries and Illness

Common Injuries

Interested in getting urgent help for a non life-threatening illness or injury? With emergency room waiting areas stacking up, we make it our mission to mitigate the overflow. Dr. G’s treats commonly seen illness and injuries that emergency rooms might have previously taken on; more quickly and without that hefty medical bill. 

Dr. G’s goes a step beyond the standard flu shot, strep throat and bone bruise scenarios, offering treatment from lacerations to fractures, sprains, dislocations, abrasions and more. As tenured emergency room medics, there’s never anything our staff hasn’t seen; and we will always aim to treat and resolve your unfortunate health fret, only escalating few cases to the local hospital.  

Dr G's Urgent Care Illness and Injuries

Accidents happen regardless of whether or not you’re a risk-taker and is a commonality throughout our daily lives. Our board-certified caretakers can take care of you quickly and have you back on your feet. From suturing lacerations to stabilizing a muscle or joint injury; our clinic has the capability in expediting x-rays to determine what level of care is needed in order to bring to a quick mend. More commonly, our staff reviews cases of patients who are on the fence as to whether or not their bone is broken or fractured leading to early detection that might have gone unnoticed due to emergency room avoidance. Not much sets a body back more than a sprain, strain or fracture going without proper care. More often than not this leads to much longer recovery time and often further lifelong issues. We are also able to provide x-rays to your physician or any other healthcare professional who might prefer to review or take it a step further.  

Is it the Flu? A Cold? Do I Need to Go to the Doctor?

When it comes to getting that all over sick feeling and looking to a diagnosis through an internet search; the overwhelming medical suggestion is to seek care from a professional. Whether or not it you’re suffering from a common cold or viral season, it’s important to determine the root cause of the issue prior to it escalating and being ultimately misdiagnosed. Undiagnosed and misdiagnosed issues frequently lead to more serious issues that go otherwise undetected. 

 Dr. G’s is well-versed in getting you on the road to recovery when it comes to the cold, flu, upper respiratory infection, pneumonia, bronchitis… and all of the other seasonal issues you might be facing. If your symptoms persist (even ones you might think to be small), it’s important to get ahead of the game and take back control of your health.

Our on-site, state of the art lab provides the team at Dr. G’s to quickly diagnosis to help you through the process of putting those symptoms to rest.  

Sexual Health and Testing

As a female-owned business, Dr. Graber prides herself on maintaining a balance in staff when it comes to private health matters. Time is of the essence when it comes to testing and diagnosis; so let our staff at Dr. G’s take care of your most personal needs.  

All three Dr. G’s locations offer the full portfolio of sexually transmitted disease testing for both men and women. In a world where our public lives seem to be on the front page, it’s important to provide patients assurance that they tests and results are 100% confidential; and there will never be any judgement from our staff. We are on the same team when it comes to patient care; and the only thing we look forward to is keeping you out of the doctor’s office. We are also happy to send along results or speak with your doctor, as needed (per, of course, your request and approval!)